Mailing list

Mailing list

The main meaning of this word combination is a set of names and addresses (sometimes even with other needed data) used by a person or an organization to send messages to numerous recipients. The term "mailing list" unites the number of subscribers and is often called simply "the list".

Direct mailing list

Mailing list is one of key concepts used in email marketing. Without a wide and well balanced mailing list the efforts of an email marketer would be senseless. The main duty in email marketing is to collect a list of a high quality, with minimum bounces. An already arranged mailing list could be procured. Mailing list brokers are often ready to sell or rent you an email address list. A company can play the role of a mailing list broker. Paying periodically (if list is being rented) or at once you still are not protected against high enough per cent of "dead" email addresses in it. The best way still remains collecting it on your own. For sure it takes time, requires a piece of perseverance, skills and financial investment. But a well developed house list appears to be one of your most powerful email marketing assets.

Building an email addresses list

There isn't a universal technique of building a mailing list. The simplest way of collecting email addresses list is to ask your visitors to subscribe. But the number of such subscriptions is not enough. The solution is to use co-registration, opt-in banners, promotion and events announced on third-party Web sites. Though there are several rules every marketer should take into consideration:

  • Pay maximum attention to create an opt-in list, which is a guarantee of long-term relation with your subscriber that also safeguards you from breaking any anti-spam laws. It is even better to use double opt-in option, so that the confirmation would be totally agreed.

  • Keep you mailing list up-to-date and offer your subscribers the possibility of updating their data at any time. But collecting information about your subscribers don't be too greedy, don't frighten visitors with too much data needed to be provided.

  • Make you message unique between hundreds and thousands of similar emails.

  • Design your sign-up page so as it would be the most attractive page, which creates a strong appeal of taking on any actions. The interest in your message can also be risen through the means of relevant incentives.

  • Numeral increase of emails in mailing list can be achieved not only through the internet, but also by use of any printed materials you spread, placing the sign-up page address on them.

Mailing list hygiene

Besides the spoiling the statistics bounced emails are simply annoying. As a result you lose your time and extra money on sending extra emails. That means that from time to time you'll have to check your email list and clean it from incorrect addresses. Try to verify is the domain names are correct, to later avoid unexpected bounces. Culling your mailing list also automatically and immediately improves you statistics. It is quite easy to keep your mailing list "clean" with help of special software. Such tools are easy to install and use due to understandable interface of programs. You can use Email Verifier or Email Verifier Lite to verify your email list and keep in it only valid email addresses.

Sorting your marketing list is important too. Sometimes you will need to segment your list by new variables. To operate a wide email address database you will definitely need some tools to make the process of retargeting easier and faster and at the same time more controllable. Bulk Mailer Professional software fully answers the purpose and can be used even by inexperienced users. Take care of your list and it will take care of your business.

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