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Bulk Email Marketing Software

Bulk Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is a very effective form of marketing, as it involves the construction of a bulk email, which is an email that is sent to a list of individuals simultaneously. In a broader sense, the practice includes any email that can be considered promotional in that it markets products or services to consumers.

There are two types of email marketing. The first is the transactional email, which is the confirmation a person typically receives after some kind of interaction with the company. A purchase confirmation is the perfect example of a transactional email. The second type is the directional email, which involves sending an email for the purpose of communicating a promotional announcement. As for how such emails are sent, bulk email software is what makes it possible.

Best Programs for Effective Mass Mailing Campaigns

The best email marketing software on the market today includes Email Marketing Studio, Bulk Mailer, and Email verifier. The following are short descriptions of each bulk mailing software program:

Email Marketing Studio

Email Marketing Studio Icon

This bundle contains free email software used in mass mailing campaigns. The key features include templates, email personalization, HTML editing, built-in database for list management, and flash and embedded image support.

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Bulk Mailer

Bulk Mailer Icon

This mass mailing software is free bulk mail software that is used to send out targeted bulk mail to subscriber lists. This is a bulk email marketing software that is easy-to-use, yet it has all of the templates, list management tools, and editing capabilities needed to send effective emails.

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Email Verifier

Email Verifier Icon

This free email verifier program enables easy management of bulk email lists. It is important to keep lists free from invalid email addresses so that a realistic view of how many individuals are truly receiving each mass mailing is had. Marketers and administrators benefit from the seamless integration with Bulk Mailer, effective content list management, exportation of email addresses from Excel, and the exportation of emails from outside sources, such as Oracle, MS SQL, and other website tools used to capture the emails of subscribers.

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Powerful Mass Email Software Features

There are a number of key features to powerful mass email software, which includes:

  • Mail merge functions and high personalization
  • A built-in SMTP server with special sending modes
  • The ability to integrate Flash, Images and attachments into newsletters through the HTML editor
  • Contact list management
  • Tracking of unsubscribes, opens, clicks, and links
  • Opt-in forms that you can customize
  • Direct access to a number of external databases
  • Email Verifier integration is seamless

In addition, you can easily import and export your contact lists; import from Microsoft Outlook, your Windows Address Book, Text, CSV, or Excel; and import and export to and from external data sources that include MS SQL, MySQL, Access, ODBC/OLE, Paradox, FoxPro, and DBase.

Even sending modes can vary and those modes are delayed, direct, and burst. There is a detailed sending monitor that tracks progress, the ability to resend to addresses that failed, and detailed reports that tell you the sending results and give you a detailed log that outlines every operation.

Lastly, international characters are supported, there are full text and HTML formats to choose from, multiple email accounts that are easy-to-use, styled text support, and you can process fields in subject.

About the Company

We are industry leader in the development of email marketing software and email list building tools that over 1,000 companies around the world have used in their mass mailing campaigns. So many companies have chosen our products because of how easily a company can create email newsletters and personalized html-based emails to a large number of recipients. Easily run campaigns remedy high marketing costs and lead to better time management.