Email Verifier Software

Email Verifier software is the solution to keeping your contact list clean. With its powerful tools, it can work on a variety of contacy lists, external databases  and text files to remove invalid email addresses and provide an accurate view of your valid recipients. By automating this process, you'll know exactly how many people you are reaching and prevent a lot of bounced emails.

Receiving too many bounced emails can result in your IP being blocked by ISPs. By using Email Verifier to verify the validity of your email addresses, you can avoid this issue altogether. So, if you want to maintain a clean email list and ensure that your emails reach the right people, m is the right software for you.


Unique Features

Through the Email Verifier software, invalid and non-existent email addresses are removed from the list. This can eliminate bounced messages and avoids the possibility of being blocked by the ISP mail server for sending too many emails to invalid addresses.

Other features include:

  • Flexible and fast list cleaning that is 100% accurate in its
  • Manage your contact lists through the elimination of invalid email addresses
  • Minimize your website’s bandwidth usage by focusing only on a targeted audience
  • Large email lists can be loaded in seconds
  • Import email addresses from a number of external databases that include Foxpro, Acces, MS SQL, Paradox, and more
  • Receive a detailed report of every operation and save both good and bad emails to a text file
  • Export email addresses to a text file, excel, or any other external source
  • Automatic deletion of auto-reply emails
  • Recover and save data safely
  • Split and merge lists
  • Easily locate specific email addresses within lists
  • Set your own domain rules
  • Backup and restore that allows data to be transferred between computers

It should be noted that the speed of email verifier depends upon list size, Internet speed, and Internet connection, but the process is generally fast in that lists can be loaded in a matter of seconds. This program is so automated that it can run overnight if it needs to without any supervision, which contributes to its popularity.

Three Validation Levels

This program is able to validate up to 50,000 email addresses per hour. There are three primary validation methods used. They are:

  • Syntax Check
  • Email address domain availability
  • Mail server check for existence of email addresses
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Domain Rules

It is up to you to set the rules for domains and it is as simple as choosing the specific domain and then specifying the rule you wish to use. This rule is simply a default status for the domain(s) that you select.

Expanded Email Address Statuses

Rather than just finding out whether an email address does or does not exist, an expanded email address status gives more information about the condition of that address. Email verifier is able to indicate whether or not there is a connection error or if the email address on a domain is simply non-existent. This enables you to make decisions regarding the addresses that may have issues, such as whether or not to check them at some point in the future.

Top Program According to Industry Experts

This email verification software is popular because it is far ahead of its competitors. Professionals are looking for ways to spend less time on organizing and cleaning lists and more time on serving the customers that respond. Because of the ability to process large lists of email addresses and quickly eliminate invalid addresses, it is much easier for the user to focus on what is important. The tools also make it easier for certain audiences to be targeted, which increases the conversion rate. This increase in conversion rate then translates into profits.

Another reason why this is a popular program is the fact that contact lists are private. You do not have to use a 3rd party to upload recipients. You are the only one with access.

When this Software is Most Helpful

This software is going to be of utmost assistance to you when you haven’t mailed out to your list for quite some time, you do not use a double opt-in process to ensure that subscribers typed in the right email address, or you have received your subscriber list from somewhere else and that makes you question its quality.

In the meantime, you are able to:

  • Save bandwidth by reducing Internet traffic, which reduces operating costs due to an increased focus on a targeted audience.
  • Verify email addresses within a database without having to import or export, saving a lot of time due to not having to perform manual work.
  • Load large subscriber lists in seconds.
  • Import email lists from DBase, paradox, Text, MySQL, and many more that may have additional information present in other custom fields that needs to be preserved. You can export such addresses containing custom fields as well.
  • Quickly save email verification results to a text file, saving both good and bad emails to separate files if you wish.
  • Customize how your information is organized with the ability to sort and filter addresses.

One-Time Payment

To receive all of the professional features that Email Verifier offers, a one-time payment is all that is needed for you to enjoy the many benefits that the software has to offer for as long as you need it.


The access to SMTP 25 port is an essential option. The user can install Email Verifier on Dedicated/VPS Windows server or use socks proxy server if they work under a firewall. A special Email Verifying Script can also be used.

Pay attention to the speed that may vary. It depends on your Internet connection and your computer. Some antivirus and security software or firewall like Zone Alarm, Norton Antivirus and Panda can deny access to the Internet. Email Verifier is firstly to be allowed to connect to the Internet.