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Email newsletter software

Behind the email lists, the next thing needed is Email Newsletter Software so that you can build as many newsletters as you need at one time in addition to building and managing your email lists. You are able to send bulk email with ease, but, due to the fact you are dealing with newsletter software, you are not sending just any email.

Newsletters make emails unique in that they are organized in a specific way that highlights certain promotions and other information that must be seen by the recipients. With the ability to create any type of newsletter, including HTML-based newsletters, you are sending more than just simple text on a page that looks boring at first glance. Instead, you can create full-color newsletters that are fun to look at and even more fun to read.

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Sending Exciting Newsletters with Bulk Mailer

The newsletter software within the Bulk Mailer program enables users to send bulk email using Outlook and a number of other email programs, such as Gmail. At the same time, you can import contacts from a database like Excel. If you send bulk email Excel does have a “connections” option that allows you sync with other databases. It also has a number of options that enable you to retrieve information from other sources and vice versa.

Additional features of Bulk Mailer include:

  • Allowing you to create and edit any kind of newsletter with the built-in HTML editor
  • International characters are supported
  • Easily import and export lists, allowing you to send bulk email using Gmail and other programs
  • No bulk emailer is as fast with the ability to send thousands of emails within an hour
  • High deliverability due to 5 sending modes
  • Bounced emails are avoided by list cleaning that rids a list of invalid and duplicate email addresses
  • Easily customize subscription forms for your website and to put inside your newsletter
  • Built-in SMTP server for faster sending
  • Emails can contain a subscribe/unsubscribe link
  • Preview option so you can see what your recipient sees

Newsletter Creation and Sending to Large Lists

It does not take a lot of time for an email list to grow. Every day, someone new may subscribe and that means the list needs to be updated. Fortunately, the email list can be updated at the push of a button due to the ability to merge with databases, such as MySQL where list subscription data may be stored.

As for the newsletter creation, newsletter templates make creation easy. All you have to do is insert the text and any images you wish to use, as well as your logo and other important information. Once you are done filling in the blanks, you can send your newsletter to your recipients. If you are wondering how to send bulk email, it is rather simple. When you send bulk email Outlook Express or another email program may contain the list you wish to use. Simply integrate that list into Bulk Mailer and you can run a very successful newsletter campaign at the push of the “send” button.