Bulk Mailer For Mac Help

Video Tutorials

Getting Started

1. Configure SMTP Server

Click the SMTP button under Messages tabpage. Fill all required fields. You can read the detail instruction about how to configure an smtp server here

SMTP Serve

2. Import contacts

Go to the Contacts tabpage and click the Import button. Select any .txt or .csv file to import email addresses to the program.


Specify how exactly the email addresses are separated from the other fields (semicolons, tabs, commas, spaces).

Contacts 2

Create a new list which will contain your data in the program or select an existing list one.

Contacts 3

Specify what column contains the email, name or other data. For example, emails are in column0, names are in column1, and so on. Click the Next button.

Contacts 4

Click the Finish button to close the Import dialog.


3. Create message

Go to the Messages tabpage and click the New button.
1) Click the To button and choose a contact list.
2) Click the From button to specify the email address from whom the message will be sent. Note: The email address should be equal with the data of the smtp server.
3) Fill the Subject field.

HTML Editor

Click the Open button if you want to use your own html template instead of creating a new one in the program.

HTML Editor 2

You can use special tags to personalize your message. To do it, enter a list field into the [[]] tag. For example [[Name]] will be substituted by Name of each of your recipients.

HTML Editor 3

Click the Save button to close the Message editor dialog.

HTML Editor 4

4. Send message

After the message was created, click the Send button to start sending it. You can always click the Pause button to suspend the sending and click the Continue button to proceed futher. If you click the Stop button then the sending will end and next time will start from the very beginning.

Send Message

5. Report

Click the Report button to view the sending report after the message was sent.