Email Auto Responder Software

Email Autoresponder is an easy desktop email marketing software that delivers your auto responders ranging from the simplest "I'm out of office" to personalized HTML messages and newsletters.

"Email Autoresponder is the most comprehensive and simple email marketing software. With excellent designs and powerful features you can get best results and beat your competitors."

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Contact Lists Management

  2. Powerful HTML Editor: Flash, Images, Attachments.

  3. Looping protection

  4. Processes bounced emails

Import and Export Features:

  1. Easy import/export email address list files.

  2. Imports from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book , Excel, CSV, Text

  3. Imports from External Data Sources through ODBC/OLE DB: Access, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Dbase, Foxpro, Paradox.

  4. Exports to Excel, Text, External Data Sources through ODBC/OLE DB.

Sending Features:

  1. Ability to resend unlimited times to failed recipients

  2. Creates a detailed log for every operation

Other Features:

  1. Text/HTML Email formats
  2. Full support for international characters.
  3. Multiple customizable easy-to-use mail accounts.
  4. Styled text support
  5. Process tags in subject
Email Autoresponder Awards

High Personalization.

With Email Autoresponder you can send highly customized messages including personalized message bodies and subject to every recipient using the powerful Merge feature. This is the most efficient way to make contact with your clients, that will bring you the highest response rate.

Make Rich Colorful HTML Messages. 

Our software allows you to include any fonts, graphics and colors turning your messages into professional online newsletters.

Flash Animation Movies

You can send Flash movies embedded inside the message itself. So your message will deliver a high quality content  as sound and video.

File Attachment. Send attached documents and files as many as you need.

Powerful List Management.

Manage an unlimited number of groups/lists with an unlimited number of recipients in each. Merge lists, extract , remove duplicates and perform many other operations.

Support of  HTML and Text email formats

Email Autoresponder provides you with a fully featured message editor. In addition to the plain text message format, there is a HTML editor.

Program automatically creates a plain text message alternative while you are editing. By default recipients view HTML part of message, if their mail reader does not support HTML the message will be shown in plain text so everyone can view it.

You can design your email message directly within Software, or in another program and then load it into Email Autoresponder.