Email is the abbreviation for electronic mail. It has two different spellings: with and without a dash. The first variant is used in journalism while another one is more common for technical sphere. Electronic mail is the way of composing, sending, storing and receiving messages through electronic communication systems. Email can be sent and received as over Internet email system based on the SMTP so as over intranet systems.

It can be said that the whole Internet was created with the help of email, which was one of the most important tools. In 1971 the @ sign was initiated by Ray Tomlison to separate the names of the user and the machine in ARPANET computer network. Before he used this invention, users could only send emails to those on single machine.

Email marketing is based on sending emails to promote different goods and other interesting proposes. Email marketing uses the email ability to send messages in different formats. Nowadays the most popular ones are the text-based and HTML email messages. Internet email messages consist of two main sections:

- Header (it is divided onto such fields as sender, etc.) – the data about the email;

- Body – the message itself, sometimes with the signature at the end.

To view your emails you should use email client. There are stand-alone email clients, which have to be installed on your computer, and email clients that appear in your internet browser window. Despite of diversity of existing email clients they all execute four main functions:

- You can see all the emails you have in your inbox by its headers.

- You can select an email to read by its header, and the body of the message will be shown.

- You can create new messages and send them right in your email client.

- You can add attachment, the restriction sometimes appear in its volume or quantity.

Email became very popular way of communication as in society so in business communities. It is very simple to understand and it solves the problem of communication the same as usual mail, but time which is spent to send an email is less then that used to send a simple mail.