Email Address Verification

Email Verifier - Fast Email Addresses VerificationTo keep email marketing business prosperous email marketer should send thousands of emails every day. The main purpose of this action is getting positive feedback such as increase in sales, increase in the number of subscribers, etc. The main tool the marketer uses to reach this aim is email marketing list.

Being an email marketer you should aim your efforts at maintenance email address list hygiene, which presuppose absence in your list bad email addresses. Bed email addresses are those addresses you always get the back response of undeliverable email. Such email addresses always spoil the statistics you should analyze to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

The procedure of email address verification reveals those emails you have to delete from your email address database to save money and time on sending emails, which in any case will never be delivered to the recipient. Email validation can be performed with the help of special email address validation software.

For instance you can use such software as Email Verifier, which can be purchased and downloaded from our site, or its lighter version Email Verifier Lite (a cheaper one but with less features). The software will allow you to clean your email address list from bad addresses in minutes. User-friendly interface will make your work with this tool easy and enjoyable. Using this software you name will newer appear in "blacklists" because of permanent emailing on the non-existent email address - already after the first email address verification you will get rid of 70-90% of bad email addresses and considerably lessen the volume of bounced mail.

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