Verify email address

Email Verifier - Fast Email Addresses VerificationEmail Verifier is software specially created for those people who send email messages and are in need of up-to-date email mailing list. It will help you determine if email addresses in your email list are still valid. That will keep you aware of receiving a lot of bounce email and keep you statistics free of trash data.

Email Verifier will make your email marketing campaign more effective. You won't need to spend your time on "dead" addresses anymore. If you are not satisfied with your email list volume, you can easily import extra emails from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book, Excel, CSV, Text and external sources without fear of duplicating them.

Email Verifier is a tool to verify email addresses. Software loads email addresses list and checks each e-mail address. To verify email, E-mail verifier establishes the connection to the another email server and starts processing. It 100% supports SMTP protocol and imitates mail message sending.

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