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Email Verifier Configuration

Email Verifier Configuration

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Email Verifier checks your emails with the following algorithm:

1. syntax check

2. domain check.

3. check the existence of email on the mail server.

At step 3, software need “Helo domain” and “Mail From” to send a request to the mail server.

For better email verification you should use own existing domain and email address, which you should specify in Settings in “Helo Domain” and “Mail From” fileds.


Windows Server Configuration

For best results server with Email verifier should be configured like mail server. For this you should properly configure your own domain "yourdomain.com". Better if your domain exists for more than a month.

 1. Configure DNS records for this domain:

Create/Edit "MX" record: mail.yourdomain.com.

Create "A" record "mail" pointing to ip address of server with Bulk mailer.

Create/Edit "SPF" record "v=spf1 a mx -all".

The following DNS records should be set for the domain:

Host Type IP address / Domain name Priority
  A IP address of web server  
mail A IP address of your server with email verifier  
  MX mail.yourdomain.com 10
  SPF v=spf1 a mx -all  

2. Configure Reverse DNS record

 For the IP address of the server with email verifier, configure Reverse DNS record pointing to "mail.yourdomain.com". This can be done via control panel of your hosting.

3. Configure the software

After you set up a domain, you can use “yourdomain.com” for “Helo Domain” and email “info@ yourdomain.com” (or any other name before @) for the “From Mail” field in Settings.


Home or work computer

The program can determine them automatically.

Some mail servers can detect that your ip address are from ISP network and connection will be rejected.


SPF record

You should check "SPF record" of specified domain and your ip address using this tool. SPF record can prohibit verifying email addresses from your ip address (connection to mail servers will be rejected) .